About IQ Executive

“We believe in developing long term business and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients.  Transparency, speed and quality of service are essential to building these lasting relationships.”

IQ Executive is a consultative recruitment partner who works alongside our clients to help them meet their resourcing challenges for the future, through the deployment of bespoke recruitment solutions.

What we do:

IQ Executive represents a new generation of search consultancy, one which is not bound by the traditional methods and corporate cultures of some of the larger search firms. We are a dynamic, agile and entrepreneurial company that can adapt its professional practices of working within a constantly evolving landscape. Working with world-class leadership talent, IQ Executive is vastly experienced in successfully completing assignments such as CIOs, Senior Directors, Heads of and Senior Managers across a wide variety of specialist market sectors in an efficient and timely manner. The key common denominator across all of our search assignments is the time that we invest to ensure that the most suitably qualified and experienced talent are identified and then subsequently secured for our clients.

What makes us different?

  • “Deposit Paid Search” – IQ Executive’s search model is both simple and refreshing.  We have removed outdated, traditional search payment methods of 1/3 a 1/3 a 1/3 regardless of success or outcome. We only charge our customers a fee on successful completion of an assignment.  We simply ask that a small deposit payment is made up front; the remainder of the fee is then payable only on successful completion.  We call this commercial structure “Deposit Paid Search”.
  • “Marzipan Layer” – Our specialist consultants typically focus on the roles that are difficult, highly skilled and sometimes very complex for traditional mainstream recruiters, but which equally fail to gain the interest of some of the major search firms. Yet these are business critical roles for our customers and require the support, commitment and dedication of a true recruitment expert.  We refer to our core areas of expertise as the “Marzipan Layer”.

The key to our success

IQ Executive’s success is based upon our specific market knowledge and using the best search and recruitment techniques which are consistently deployed across our organisation. These span every stage of the recruitment lifecycle - as we work in partnership with our clients to understand the specifics of their resource requirements. As we become more familiar with our candidates’ background and professional aspirations and equally support both parties through what can often be a lengthy recruitment process, we ensure that time investment and the availability of resources is paramount to ensure our candidates and clients experience is exceptional and informative. We combine this with true industry expertise which has ultimately resulted in us achieving a 97% success rate on all our assignments over the course of the last five years. This has enabled us to build long term relationships with both clients and candidates alike, all of whom are confident in our ability to connect them with the best talent / career opportunities in the market place today.

Recently completed assignments:

  • Head of Credit Risk - UK - Retail Banking
  • Head of Regulatory Control - UK - Wholesale Banking
  • Senior Credit Risk Officer - Corporate Banking
  • Head of Risk Oversight - UK - Retail Banking
  • Senior Manager Economic Capital - UK & Europe – Investment
  • Head of Risk Analytics - UK & Europe - Retail Lending
  • Chief Risk Officer - UK & Ireland - Retail & Wholesale Banking
  • Director of Decision Science - UK & Europe - Financial Services
  • Senior Vice President of Fraud - UK and Ireland
  • Senior Manager, Retail Policy and Risk Oversight – Europe
  • Chief Financial Officer - UK - Retail & Investment
  • Chief Risk Officer - UK - Retail Banking
  • Head of Fraud Operations - Global Banking
  • Global Programme Director - UK - Retail Banking
  • Chief Operations Officer - Dubai - International Banking
  • Director of Analytics - Europe - International Card
  • Head of Credit Policy, Scoring and Analytics - UK - Retail Banking
  • Senior Credit and Operations Manager - Europe - Retail Banking
  • Head of Operational Risk Management - UK - Retail Banking
  • Head of AML - UK & Europe - Private Banking
  • Head of Secured Portfolio Management - Europe - Retail Banking
  • Director of Compliance - International Banking - Retail Banking
  • Director of AML - UK & Ireland - Retail Banking