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The IQ Winter Sun Trip - The Roundup

3rd March 2017

We’ve just got back from our winter sun trip to Tenerife; a few days soaking up some winter sun to celebrate our highest achievers from the back end of 2016. It was a fantastic trip all around with great people - lots of fun, laughter and relaxation was had by all - and everyone returned to rainy old England with a smile on their face, if not a bit tired from the antics.
After getting up before the sunrise we headed to the airport, blurry eyed but excited for what lay ahead. A bit of breakfast and a few departure lounge...refreshments later (hey, we were on holiday) and everyone was up and running and ready for the flight, well...almost everyone.

We finally all landed in Tenerife to be met with some much needed sunshine, it was a world apart from England, currently getting battered by Storm Doris. After a bit of a meet and greet between our Southern and Northern contingents, who had travelled over from different destinations. We relaxed and made the most of our all inclusive facilities at the H10 Conquistador for a nice start to the holiday.

On the Thursday night we all went out to Papagayo, where we were spoiled with a VIP area and an enormous bottle of Absolut Vodka. It was so big, it even came with its own carriage! It was an incredible night that saw everyone having a great time and not getting back to the hotel until the early hours of the morning.

But this holiday wasn’t all about the partying - on Friday morning we headed out on a catamaran for a day on the water. We were lucky enough to see loads of pilot whales and dolphins throughout the trip and it made for a really nice, relaxing experience to soothe some sore heads from the night before, except for Sam, who didn’t exactly take the sea too well.

Back on dry land and knowing it was our last night on the island, we were treated to a nice meal - steaks in one of the hotel’s many restaurants. The food was great and afterwards we posted ourselves back up at the bar for a final few drinks to cheers our last night together before heading back home.

Our Northern contingents were almost stuck on the island for another day due to a technical issue with the plane (although there are worse places to be stranded), we all got back safe and sound - in the end!

It really was a fantastic trip and the perfect holiday to blow off some steam for all our high achievers.

We can’t wait for the next trip! Check out some of the photos below and on our Facebook page.