IQ Executive’s business is segmented into specialist vertical market-facing practices which ensure that we focus on leveraging our consultants’ extensive knowledge of the current market dynamics in a particular niche. This enables us to work together to connect our clients with the most sought after senior and executive professionals within each market niche. Aligning our specialist consultants to specific industry sectors allows us to ensure that our service is best aligned to each client’s technical, cultural, project and individual requirements.

Sector Specialisms

“Our motivation, passion and our strive for excellence guarantees the continued success of all the tasked assignments we undertake.”

IQ Executive’s core practices focus on the provision of niche talent within Banking, Retail Finance & Insurance, Finance & Audit, Customer Insight, CRM & Analytics, Retail & eCommerce and Technology & Telecoms. Our specialist consultants have developed extensive knowledge of the market dynamics of their particular domain which enables them to apply insightful consultancy and expertise to connect the best talent with the right opportunities.